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My five year old tablet is finally on its way out. I can still use it, but it disconnects at a touch and the pen sensitivity is...Absent at times XD It's difficult drawing when you lose your lines part way through

Luckily I have enough that it was okay for me to get another one, but hooooooooooooooooo boy, I'm going to feel it... Anyway things will be a little slower than my normal until I get my new tablet in and running

If anybody can(and want to) support me, I could use a couple more commissions right now ^^; 
Commission info:…

Or maybe toss a dollar at my patreon?…

Update: It ded ;-; It stopped working entirely an hour ago
T'was an auction
Old art time! For Valentine's Day, I had an event where I was auctioning off dates with some of my characters, and I just never got around to posting the one with Burr(I got really sick). Since it was too late for it to be an auction, I just gave the date to :iconvippy: >.> I'm working on it now <.<

Anyway, old Burr art! Because I need something to post here that isn't furry art

Burr and art belong to me, :icontheeldertrinity:
Burr is part of an open species called Volatikai, owned by shorty-antics-27
Scales Elemental Redesign
I'm pretty sure I did this last year >.> I still like the way it came out though <.<

I got really attached to Scales' au dragon design and didn't care for his canon Minotaur self anymore, so I kinda merged them together to create his new canon non-human form. Muscles~

Also updated his information to be more accurate.

Designation number- HL-152
Former Name- ???(Unknown), will respond to 'Scales'
Age- 28(in appearance, exact age is unknown to researchers)
Sex/Gender: Male/Masculine
Description- HL-152, while appearing now to be human, maintains its unnatural abilities and composition. 152's body was created to be human by subject HL-2854, though 152's nature has since converted the natural flesh with inorganic material. Over the span of three months, 152's form became composed near entirely of iron oxide heavy clay. If pieces are removed from its body, 152 will eventually regenerate, the process speeding up if it is given similar clay or stone materials with which it can mold to its own self.
152 can and will consume human foods, but it is unknown how it is digested, as vivisection has revealed that subject 152 has few or no internal organs.
HL-152, despite its inorganic nature, produces heat, feels exhaustion, and appears to feel pain.

152 is allowed to wander the facility in the company of at least one armed guard, and is permitted to visit with subjects HL-2854 and HL-021 in order to keep the subjects obedient.

Original:  Grayson-Gregor Researching by TheElderTrinity

Scales, Gregor Researching, and art belong to :icontheeldertrinity:
Ladykiss Art Trade
My half of an art trade with the awesome :iconladykiss97: of her character Thay <3

Therians are a closed species belonging to :iconladykiss97: you cannot make your own
I am late-Valentine's commission

I did a set of Valentine's date auctions on FA. Trinity got to go out with a pretty girl who is also a muscular babelord(her name is Lyn and she hot)

No, Trin is not straight. I don't know what she is. She also doesn't know what she is. I think the best label for her would be heteroflexible. ANYWAY

The ladies are just chilling out at the beach, swapping adventure stories and having a laugh at all the weird stuff in their lives. I don't know about Lyn, but Trin had a fab time

Trinity belongs to me, :icontheeldertrinity:
Lyn belongs to:…


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I do so love geckos. Oh, and drawing, I do that too.



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